Why Install a Generator in Your Home

Why Install a Generator in Your Home

Many folks enjoy the convenience of a generator so that the all important electronic gadgets can be used in the event of a storm.

However, have you ever consider the danger a loss of electricity might be to a senior citizen or individuals with specific health issues?  You may need to power valuable electronic devices, elevators, therapy equipment, etc. that will be of assistance to the care of someone living in the home.

In any case, a stand-by generator will add value to your home and is best installed by a professional.

A stand-by generator is quite an investment and can be powered by gas or propane.  Be sure to purchase the unit that fits your needs.  Unless you MUST have that hot tub running during a power outage-you might consider a smaller, more affordable unit.

One family might want just the basics covered: A/C, refrigerator, well water or sump pump and some outlets.  Another family may choose to power the whole home.  Expect to be governed by the rules of your town as well. Some have noise restrictions and location limits.

Ask a professional contractor such as HMMA, INC. to review your needs and help you choose the right size for your home or business.