5 Tips You Can Do Yourself to Help Your Home Get Cozy for Winter

5 Tips You Can Do Yourself to Help Your Home Get Cozy for Winter

Want to stay cozy and comfy this Winter? Well try these 5 tips to stay comfy.

  1. Get your furnace inspected. It’s worth making sure this major appliance is up for the season.
  2. Have window air conditioning units? Cover them! Use a waterproof cover and keep out drafts.
  3. Ceiling fans-remember to change the direction. When you change them to run CLOCKWISE they push the heat from the ceiling down to you for extra comfort. Don’t forget to reverse in the summer to move the hot air up and away from you!
  4. Check out the weather stripping on your doors and replace if they are worn.
  5. Outdoor water faucets…they make little faucet ‘socks’ that can help keep the warmth in during the cold months ahead.
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5 Inexpensive Techniques to Keep Your Home Cool for the Summer

5 Inexpensive Techniques to Keep Your Home Cool for the Summer

We all know how hot the summertime can get but there is no cheap way to keep your house cool with the air conditioning running all summer. To keep your wallet happy, here are some techniques to keep your house cool without going over budget.

  1. Fans can be your best friend! Put a fan in each room of the house and on those really hot days have the fans running while your thermostat is set to about 76 degrees. You’ll like the benefit to your electric bill.
  2. The oven adds unnecessary heat to the house so try using a crockpot as an alternative.
  3. Closing the blinds can help keep the cool air in on those super-hot days.
  4. Temporary tints on windows can help reduce heat and still let you see the beautiful outdoors.
  5. Save on appliances that are not in use by unplugging to save any extra costs on your electric bill.

Now that you have some techniques to keep your home cool without breaking the bank; sit back and enjoy the season!

For more information about how to keep your home cool for the summer season be sure to contact: HMMA, Inc. at: 201-943-3331 or see www.hmmainc.com

SummerSummer…the time for vacations and longer days.  For homeowners, the work never seems to end.  For smart homeowners, the right maintenance prevents a larger repair down the road.

Here are some tips to keep your home in tip-top shape this season.

Help your gutters do their job. Remove any winter debris by giving the gutters a quick purge with your leaf blower or garden hose extension. Check for loose or disconnected elbows and tighten when needed.
Service your A/C. Most homeowners can change air filters and vacuum out  floor registers.  Call your contractor if you need additional service.
How’s your siding? Warm and sunny days give an excuse for playing with the hose. Give your siding the once over with soap and water, a brush & the garden hose.
Check the Play and Sitting Areas of your home.  Children will be planning to enjoy the outdoors…so be sure to give your swing sets and lawn furniture the once over with some bleach and soapy water.  Always test an area first.  Also, tighten any loose connections.
Window of Opportunity. GET A SQUEEGEE!  No one likes this job, but, a squeegee makes it a little easier.

Do a walk-thru and make a list of items that need repair or service.  This way, you can work to get a contractor to price a full day of work at a value rate rather than several short trips that will typically cost more.

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Keep Warm this Winter

Keep Warm this Winter

warm home

Keep warm this year!

Of course, the best solution is to have your home professionally insulated.

Until then:

  •  Be sure to close doors to unused rooms and keep the heat where you are.
  • Cover your floors!  Area rugs add a nice color accent and warmth to your rooms.
  • Use decorative door warmers to keep the cold out.  If you don’t have one handy…head out to your local hardware store and buy some pipe foam.  You can cut it in half and slide it under the door OR use two and cover with a pretty fabric wide enough to slide one on each side of the door.
  • Remember to ALWAYS shut off space heaters when you leave the room. Never leave them unattended.

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