Want to stay cozy and comfy this Winter? Well try these 5 tips to stay comfy.

  1. Get your furnace inspected. It’s worth making sure this major appliance is up for the season.
  2. Have window air conditioning units? Cover them! Use a waterproof cover and keep out drafts.
  3. Ceiling fans-remember to change the direction. When you change them to run CLOCKWISE they push the heat from the ceiling down to you for extra comfort. Don’t forget to reverse in the summer to move the hot air up and away from you!
  4. Check out the weather stripping on your doors and replace if they are worn.
  5. Outdoor water faucets…they make little faucet ‘socks’ that can help keep the warmth in during the cold months ahead.
Photo by fnfoto on Pexels.com

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