Autumn is the time of year that everything turns spice colored and flavored as well. We love a nice hot pumpkin spice latte…doesn’t everyone?

Well, grab your latte and check out these easy autumn tips for keeping your home pleasant and comfy for the season

This list will be an easy set of tasks that won’t take any heavy duty tools or time. Let’s face it, in 2020 we could use a break with some easy home and office improvement accomplishments.

So, number one: You may be one of the many people with a newly designed work from home (WFH) section of your home. Often it turns out to be the dining room table.

While you can call on your favorite contractor to help you build a whole new office, we promised this was an easy challenge. So, find a closet you can give up and add a nice ‘skinny desk’ that has a cabinet for files and a shelf for your printer. That’s all you need and when work is done-just close the door! Bonus…you can put all the closet items on shelves above the desk.

This still gives you the use of your closet AND a way to ‘leave’ the office behind at the end of the day.

Number two: Speaking of lattes-your kitchen top may be getting a little crowded with all the fancy coffee and tea gadgets you are enjoying this season.

Well, we’re reminding you to think ‘UP’ and keeping the ‘office’ theme in mind-try a desktop drawer organizer to lift all the goodies off the counter.

You can separate coffee, tea, hot chocolate in their own drawer, filters, stirrers, sugar packets, etc. All you need for that awesome well-deserved break or ‘recess’ during your workday.

These desktop organizers are great for keys, mail and other counter-top space stealers.

Number three: Your final tip for today (remember, these are supposed to be easy and tool-free) is to check out your home or office like a visitor would. Bring a pencil and paper – or tablet to write down every thought that hits you as you make your way around. This is not to create large remodeling projects, but, easy-do-in-between tasks like:

  • label and secure dangling wires,
  • check backs of bookcases and entertainment centers for loose nails (if you catch it in time a ‘no-tool’dab of glue to the rescue!)
  • test shades and blinds for needed adjustments
  • look for dark corners that will benefit from a stick up (no tools!) motion detector light
  • where can you add an easy makeover for electrical faceplates and light switches-ok it does require a screwdriver, but we did say no ‘heavy duty’ tools.

Now, wasn’t that easy? You probably didn’t even finish your latte yet.

Happy Autumn and remember to call a professional before you begin a home or office remodeling project. Get price estimates and proof of insurance from every contractor you plan to hire. Be sure to call your town to find out if you need permits for the work you are about to do.

And as always…“Measure twice; cut once.”― Alistair MacLeod