We all know how hot the summertime can get but there is no cheap way to keep your house cool with the air conditioning running all summer. To keep your wallet happy, here are some techniques to keep your house cool without going over budget.

  1. Fans can be your best friend! Put a fan in each room of the house and on those really hot days have the fans running while your thermostat is set to about 76 degrees. You’ll like the benefit to your electric bill.
  2. The oven adds unnecessary heat to the house so try using a crockpot as an alternative.
  3. Closing the blinds can help keep the cool air in on those super-hot days.
  4. Temporary tints on windows can help reduce heat and still let you see the beautiful outdoors.
  5. Save on appliances that are not in use by unplugging to save any extra costs on your electric bill.

Now that you have some techniques to keep your home cool without breaking the bank; sit back and enjoy the season!

For more information about how to keep your home cool for the summer season be sure to contact: HMMA, Inc. at: 201-943-3331 or see www.hmmainc.com


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