PSEG Winter Energy Tips

We wanted to share these helpful tips from PSE&G.  We’re happy to help you with any of the following energy saving installations, changes or improvements.  Just give HMMA a call: 201-943-3331.

10 Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Simple things you can do to save energy and money

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Winter’s cold temperatures bring an increased demand for gas, as people turn on their heating systems to help keep warm. PSE&G wants you to know there are some simple things you can do to stay warm and manage your heating bills this winter:

  • Visit PSE&G’s Home Energy Toolkit at The toolkit is full of ideas to help save energy and money on home appliances and heating systems.
  • Check for sufficient water levels in the sight glass for steam systems and the pressure gauge for hot water systems.  This will ensure maximum efficiency from your heating system.
  • Lower your thermostat by just one degree, which may reduce your heating bill by up to 3 percent. More savings can be achieved by lowering your thermostat 2 degrees during the day and 5 to 10 degrees at bedtime if health conditions allow.
  • Close dampers in fireplaces not being used.
  • Move furniture and drapes away from heating registers, radiators, and baseboard covers.  Open any register or baseboard dampers.
  • Cover window air conditioners to reduce drafts. Install insulated or lined drapes on your windows.
  • Use weather stripping or one-sided sticky tape to seal up cracks and stop drafts in windows and doorframes. Caulk smaller gaps. Beneath doors, install draft guards or insulated door snakes.
  • Seal wall switches and electrical outlets with small foam gaskets available at home improvement centers and hardware stores. Remove the cover plate, insert the gasket, and screw the cover plate back in place.
  • If you have a door leading outside from your basement, hang a full-size sheet of plastic from the door frame to keep heat from escaping. Seal windows in the basement with plastic to create a barrier against the cold. (Make sure you allow enough air supply to feed your fuel-burning appliances safely).
  • Keep your garage door closed if the garage is attached to the house.

If your budget permits:

  • Install (or have installed) a programmable thermostat that can be set to automatically lower room temperatures when rooms are not in use and at bedtime, if health conditions permit.
  • Install ceiling fans to promote heating efficiency in winter (and cool your home in the summer).
  • Consider replacing older windows with newer, more efficient models. New windows will provide added insulation and reduce heat loss.